American Gods – The TV Series Where Magic is Real and Gods Fight For Survival

by Aditya Gupta

They say, save the best for the last and that definitely stands true for American Gods. In a world where we are overtly loaded with TV shows that showcase all their big guns, all their major twists and turns in not more than the first 3 episodes, American Gods remains an exception. It’s a different America altogether, a place where magic is real and where Gods fight for survival. There is a storm brewing between the New Gods and the Old Gods.

American Gods

Taking on a simple premise; ‘Old Gods’ that include Gods like Odin, Queen of Sheba, Anansi etc. have come from different parts of the world to the United States of America as their followers have migrated to that country. The new generation doesn’t believe in them and they have been easily forgotten. At the same time, they have been replaced by ‘New Gods’ like Media, Technology etc. Hence, the only option the Old Gods are left with is to fight with the New Gods for their existence and restore the same faith that people once had on them (the source of their power). Among all this is a confused and probably faithless person, named Shadow Moon, who is assisting Mr. Wednesday, a crafty Old God who wishes to unite all the old Gods together, in his master plan against the New Gods.

American Gods

The TV series is based on author Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. It’s a story that could have been easily told in a 2-hour Hollywood movie, the main reason why Gaiman didn’t turn it into a book series. But Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, creators of the show, have done something exceptionally amazing with the story. They have seduced the audience with scenic beauty, exceptional close-ups and top of the line acting. They force the viewer to move along the pace of the show. They have deliberately slowed down the story in a world of fast-paced dramas, so that one can enjoy in time, the beauty of sex, gore, darkness and once in a while, magic.

American Gods

American Gods is the perfect reminder of the fact that an auteur can achieve almost anything if she/he is given full creative liberty. Not to miss the technical aspects of the series, American Gods sets new standards, when it comes to VFX and special effects. They are absolutely top notch! Bottom line if you are a GOT fan and want to watch something equally interesting before the season comes up, this is totally binge worthy. And, for the non-GOT fans, it’s a show like you have never seen, you will love it. The whole season is available on Amazon Prime. The time is now. Pick a side – Old Gods Or New Gods?

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