Is Captain America really Going To Die In The Marvel Universe?

Chris Evans recently told in an interview that the fourth Avengers movie would be his last movie with Marvel . Is Thanos going to kill him? Is Captain America really going to die?

It was bound to happen. We knew this would happen someday. We still weren’t ready for it.

Thanos has seemingly hit a severe blow to the Avengers, as Chris Evans recently told in an interview that the fourth Avengers movie would be the last movie where he’ll be playing the role of Captain America. Rumour mills have started churning, as to when the captain will die in the movie, and if he will survive till the 4th one.

Captain America

One of the most favourite characters produced by Marvel, Captain America broke all screen records with Captain America: the First Avenger, which was released way back in 2011. Chris Evans, by the time Avengers 4 is released, will have played the role of Captain America 10 times, including cameos in movie such as Thor: The Dark World.

Captain America

Captain America was the part of the so-called Phase 1 of Marvel cinematic Universe, along with other heroes such as Thor and Iron Man. While it was already widely speculated that at least one Avenger from the Phase 1 heroes would die in Infinity war, the confirmation from Evans makes it clear that Captain America will bite the dust.

Captain America

But, don’t fret, Captain America still lives on in the Marvel Comics, including the very recent switch, where Cap said “Hail Hydra” and sent the entire world into a frenzy. However, it seems unlikely that Marvel will recast someone as Captain America for future movies. Marvel also plans on debuting Captain Marvel in Avengers 4, and so it seems unlikely that two captains will co-exist together in a single cinematic universe.

Captain America

However, this still does not guarantee whether the captain dies in the upcoming Infinity War movie. He just might survive till Avengers 4 for his final farewell.

Also, this still does not guarantee that no other Phase 1 heroes, such as Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, will necessarily survive the Infinity war, and we just might see a massive overhaul in the MCU, all thanks to a purple tyrant (Thanos) and his wish to wipe out half the life in the universe.

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