In close resemblance to the collection of 'Expressions', these sketches bring colour onto the black and white sheets, as they portray the silence, engulfed into the myriads of emotions that they carry.

About the artist

Karan Dhawan

With a keen interest in design & aesthetics, Karan Dhawan is a young architecture student & enthusiast; besides interests in fine arts & photography. While growing up amidst the hills of Uttarakhand, his relationship with nature ripened. His sense of expression through realism, matured over a period of 8 years. Not only confined to the length and breadth of the canvas, colors, life, and experiences have been his inspiration, and hence, traveling and photography became his passion. Every piece of his creative work is aimed at absorbing negativity and redefining life through a positive sense of aesthetics. His aim in life is to observe & absorb positivity from nature as well as life and further share the wit & knowledge among the needy ones whenever possible. Cheers!!

Curated by Krishna Kant

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Medium – Mix media on Cartridge sheet

A muddy reflection of her emotions that almost seems mute, even though the lips stand wide apart as if holding back the words or being unable to speak the right words. Those eyes that seem to be fiddling with love and hope, for they run together, on the pavements of life. The free hand used to paint her hair, in strokes of lines, takes turns to compact the emotions of her face, through her straight face.

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Medium – Dry Pastels on Cartridge sheet

With clenched forehead and the artist beautifully covering up one side of the face in darkness with a light hint of blue, strengthens up the intensity of the painting. The piercing eyes along with the stretched eyebrows makes one imagine the clenched teeth, the deep breaths and the held up anger ready to roll down.

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Medium – Dry Pastels on Cartridge sheet

The first look makes him seem a scholarly person, kind and soft-spoken, but then again there is a whole side of him that is engulfed into the shadow and can change the whole perception formed around the painting. The thin-framed glasses makes him a person of interest indicating his strength of character and throwing light on the fact that he might be carrying a whole new world in his head.

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Medium – Dry Pastels on Cartridge sheet

Interesting and Inquisitive! The painting almost looks like being a face trying to move through the blue ambience of the night. The light gives him another shade to his character. His short hair and probing eyes gives us that eerie feeling of intrusion into something that we would not want him to.

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Medium – Dry Pastels on Cartridge sheet

A silent smile or the passive patience of trying to hold back the tears, ready to take down the moment next? The work in shades of blue and black, two very strong colors carrying a wide range of textures to imitate every kind of emotion available, speaks about the simple approach of the artist to bring life to his work.

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Medium – Dry Pastels on Cartridge sheet

It somehow seems that the myriad of colors used to paint the face, somehow curb the reading of his real emotions, something that the artist must have intended to. The long wrinkled lines on the forehead speak about the ages of holding back things. The regret held through those drooping eyes, almost reliving a sigh of things left unsaid.

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